Why Superwomen training?

Superwomen Training is dedicated to provide safe and effective fitness programs and education to women. Superwomen Training focuses on fitness to promote women's health and wellness. Services are provided in a private studio in a non judgmental environment and our coaching prioritizes a healthy lifestyle.

Women who engage in regular physical activity decrease their risk of breast cancer. Strength training and high impact activities increase bone density and decreases the risk of osteoporosis. Participating in physical activity and sports increases self esteem, leadership, and team comradery. Exercise improves quality of life and even increases cognitive functioning.

Unfortunately the fitness industry has not been giving adequate help to women and girls in regards to promoting exercise as a way to improve health. Less women and girls are in sports and physical activities than men, and misleading claims, myths, and body shaming make it difficult for women and girls to engage in healthy physical activities.

Although they may differ, men and women have superpowers and are capable of achieving goals in improving their health and fitness. The goal of Superwomen Training is to provide appropriate services to aid women in realizing their superpowers in fitness, and to encourage the spread of healthy behaviours for generations to come.