Nutrition Kick Starter Program

The new year is an opportunity to renew one’s resolutions. And, like for many of us, this is the time of year we make a pledge to change our unhealthy behaviours by going on a diet, joining gym, and giving up alcohol. 

And, like most of us, 3 weeks later all that effort goes to (sh*t). 

If you are struggling with healthy eating, need to improve your nutrition to support your training, or just need some accountability to stay consistent, getting some nutrition coaching would be a great asset. 

Starting April 20th, if you are interested in online nutrition coaching, sign up for my Kick Ass Kick Starter! This kick starter is a 4-month long program designed to help people who are looking for structure and clarity on their nutrition. You’ll also receive ongoing support by your coach


The program involves thorough assessment of your goals and expectations, surfacing your motivation to change, mindful eating practices, and incorporating healthy foods into your unique lifestyle and eating schedule. The goal isn’t so much on losing x amount of weight, but to build healthy habits that allow you to feel confident in making the necessary changes to your health. I believe that a health focus approach is more sustainable and there are many more benefits to a healthy nutrition than weight loss. 

Lessons include listening to your internal hunger cues, meal prepping, eating whole foods you enjoy, and identifying social barriers to change (eg. Eating with others, eating at social events). Lessons are given every week and build up onto one another in a way that you are challenged but not overwhelmed. 


Since the program is on its debut, I’m offering it at $45 per month for the 4 months. I’ll also be asking for your feedback so I can improve on it in the future. If you find it’s totally not for you, you can stop anytime. 

Start date is on April 20th, so don’t wait. You can email me anytime with questions. 

You can sign up here