Group Session Schedule

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Bootcamp: Co-ed or Women’s only. A combination of strength and cardio exercises in a fast pace environment, designed you make you sweat. All levels are welcome but be prepared to work hard

Women’s strength: An hour of strengthening exercises to get you stronger, build muscle, and feel confident with heavy weight lifting. All levels welcome, perfect for beginners.

Yoga for self care: Feel relaxed by taking some time for yourself. A mix of gentle movements, long held stretches, and guided meditation. Bring a mat and sweater.

Flow yoga: An active class of Vinyasa. Go through a series of poses linked together in a flow to improve strength and flexibility. Bring a mat.

Mobility: Go through stretches and exercises to improve mobility and exercise performance and recovery. Use tools such as foam rollers, bands, and lacrosse balls to get into those tight areas.

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